söndag 25 juli 2010

Mistress DragonLily at Divine Bitch

Starring Derrick P., DragonLily

Divine Bitch: Mistress DragonLily

Slave: Derrick P

Mistress Dragonlily is a sadistic bitch while she immobilizes her slave's cock and dishes out heavy CBT. He has a completely worthless cock so she straps a dick to the back of his head instead. Orgasms flow so close to his face but he never sees her pussy! Oh the torture! She also teases and milks him with her feet, beats him with two floggers at the same time and humiliates him for having such a puny little cock!

Derrick P was a total failure on his third day of training. Will he get his act together by the time Maitresse gets her hands on him? Come back to find out!

Maitresse's Evaluation


  1. ready cock

    total failure

  2. body positioning and gaze

    much improved

  3. devotion

    profound dedication

Closing assessment

  • would benefit from periods in chastity

  • gaze improved from bondage table

  • improvement in body posture

  • not convinced of earnest attachment to the cause


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