söndag 26 maj 2013

WARNING Cuckold Fantasy

Maison De La Maitresse: A Brutal Cuckold Fantasy! WARNING: Not for the faint of heart!

The long wait is over! For those of you who have been fans of Maitresse Madeline since her early days pioneering and shaping the modern BDSM form of cuckolding you will be insanely happy to finally have a chance to watch a feature length epic cuckold movie like you've never seen before! For those of you who may not be aware of Madeline's early work in this genre you'll will be none the less overjoyed to witness the MOST BRUTAL CUCKOLD MOVIE EVER MADE! Maitresse invites you to her beautiful San Franciscan Victorian mansion complete with a beautifully renovated plush dungeon dripping with opulence! Her slave is currently living in a cage within these walls while Maitresse lives both parts of her life as a normal beautiful business woman living in San Francisco and the sexiest most mind-fuckingly brutal domme to grace the world with her presence. This movie is not for the faint of heart. Ego crushing brutal verbal humiliation, bisexual humiliation, severe punishment and whipping, chastity and the evilest of cuckolding complete with Maitresse Madeline getting fucked HARD by her stud for the first time ever on film! Don't miss this once in a lifetime movie!


måndag 25 mars 2013

milk him more

Milked To The Very Last Drop

What had you been utilized as nothing greater than a cock and golf balls in order to mercifully take advantage of to the ultimate and also last decrease 7 days a week after next day of day? That is exactly what Jesse Carl is always to about three from the most sexy femdoms in history! Maitresse Madeline, Mistress Gia Dimarco and Mistress Chanel Preston maintain Jesse locked apart in a darkish abyss as well as deliver him away daily till this individual fills their rustic suitable container along with cum. Sure, this particular appears like every single guys desire come true but these femdoms are brutal, evil this sexy it can become torture and he can't end up being milked anymore! They use the one hundred mile one hour flesh mild fucksall and also Jesse looses their load inside. Whatever! They merely whole milk him more! Lots associated with bum as well as cunt worship, strap-on anal sexy prostate related pushing that will brings about a number of climaxes direct in the next g-spot after that right back in their secured opening this individual goes, until eventually tomorrow!



torsdag 31 januari 2013

The Last Prostate Ever Milked On Earth

The Last Prostate Ever Milked On Earth

This movie was shot on December 21st, the day that the world was supposed to end. While the rest of the world was either impatiently waiting for that moment to happen or holing up underground Maitresse Madeline spent it with Lance Hart doing what she does best, prostate milking! This shoot is unlike other Divine Bitches shoots. Madeline oozes sex and purposely teases and denies Lance over and over again bringing him to the very edge of ecstasy and then snatching it away from him. Madeline milks Lances prostate giving him multiple mind blowing orgasms while prostate fluid continues to pour from his cock. This goes on and on bringing Lance to the point of pure submission. Does the world blow up before Lance is able to have one final release or the ULTIMATE denial? Tune in to find out. Besides what else would a man want to do on his last days on earth?


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